Company Leaders


Craig Simmons

Craig is the owner of the company with strong family roots in Sumter, SC. Through great leadership and over 25 years of experience, Craig is intimately involved during all phases of each project as well as day to day operations while continuing the vision of the company’s future.


Breanna J. Hughes
Office Manager/ Human Resources

With 6 years of business management experience, Breanna is the director of our office, schedules, payables and payroll. Breanna is business development leader as well as our liaison for our customers, vendors and employees.


Rick Johnson
Concrete Sales/Lead Supervisor

Rick is in charge of our concrete sales/concrete production division. He brings over 25 years of concrete experience and a life long history of concrete expertise as well as management skills to our company that was passed onto him by his father.


James Floyd
Project Manager/Lead Supervisor

James brings 20 years of experience in the construction industry. He runs daily operations of our projects and is responsible for orchestrating all moving parts of our company to get the job finished in a timely manner and on budget.


Donnie Herlong
Asphalt Sales/Paving Production

Donnie brings 20 years of sales experience as well as extensive relationship contacts from previous employments. As the head of our asphalt sales/production team, Donnie’s duties include communication, coordination and scheduling of all asphalt projects with the company.